Feel Confident During a Licensing Board Hearing

Feel Confident During a Licensing Board Hearing

Hire a professional licensing attorney in Cheyenne, WY

If you're in danger of losing your professional license for any reason, such as a medical malpractice suit, you can rely on Ericka S. Smith LLC. Ericka is an experienced professional licensing attorney servicing all of Wyoming though located in Cheyenne, WY, and she can appear in front of the board on your behalf.

She'll gather all of the facts of your case to present a strong defense. With her track record as a trusted professional licensing attorney, she'll work hard to find the best possible solution.

Protect your reputation against malpractice charges

When you're accused of medical malpractice, your reputation as a trustworthy medical professional is called into question. Don't let your career fall apart after one accusation-meet with a medical malpractice attorney in Cheyenne, Wyoming today. Ericka S. Smith has decades of experience, and she'll help you protect your standing in the medical field.

Ericka represents doctors and nurses in front of the professional licensing board when they've been charged with malpractice. You can trust that she'll fight for you. Call now to schedule your free consultation with a medical practice attorney.